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How to Choose the Best Polaroid Camera

Posted by Melvin on
How to Choose the Best Polaroid Camera

Polaroid is widely known for their instant camera, which you could develop your photograph in seconds on a film. Polaroid has more than the one kind of camera, though. There is a full-line of cameras from digital to film.

So, the actual question for you is whether you’re buying this for nostalgia or quality?Low-end instant Polaroid camera is sufficient for nostalgia, for much better quality, you’ll want to go for a digital one.

Below are great tips for picking the best Polaroid camera for your needs.

Instant Cameras: Digital or analog?

First thing you need to consider is whether you need to store those pictures or take any video. The analog version of the camera takes photo and print instantly on the film where by the digital one can also accomplish the same in addition to storing the picture inside the storage device and taking videos.

The Snap takes images digitally and store within the SD Card as well as able to print it instantly. The main advantage of this camera over old analog model is it are able to take high resolution image or video and keep it on a 32 GB SD card.

The OneStep SX-70 is an old-style analog camera from Polaroid. Like every old instant camera, it is a point and shoot camera with auto-focus. It’s still an enjoyable camera to own and take pictures with.

Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Recently, Polaroid has released several digital cameras and camcorders. Additionally there is water resistant models where you could take great images even underwater. How you choose these cameras is the same as with all cameras. First decide whether you want optical or digital zoom. The more expensive option would be the optical zoom because the quality is much better compare to digital one. HD videos are available for all the cameras and still take high quality photos.

One of the cameras, the ID940, even includes a projector. It takes higher quality digital photos than some of Polaroid’s other digital cameras and camcorders and it has optical zoom. When preserving memories for a lifetime, you may want to pay for the extra quality, but the projector might not be needed.
Polaroid even sells a dash cam. If you need a dash cam, it’s probably better to purchase one than try to fashion your own. This one takes HD video and records on a continuous loop.

Whichever camera whether is it the analog OneStep or the ID940 which comes with all the cool and best feature depend on your need and budget. For many of us, Polaroid will always mean instant camera. Today’s Polaroid has a wide range of cameras and other product to choose from whether it is an old fashion Polaroid instant camera or a new digital camera or a camcorder. You can definitely find one that suits your need. If you like the Polaroid brand, you will have plenty to choose from.